iiNet’s Steve Dalby: ‘Foxtel Is On Borrowed Time’

iiNet’s Steve Dalby: ‘Foxtel Is On Borrowed Time’

By Luke Hopewell

Attorney-General George Brandis continues to hold in-depth discussions with the content industry about introducing a tough piracy crackdown regime that is rumoured to include a graduated response, or “three-strikes” scheme, as well as site blocking protocols to weed out portals like The Pirate Bay and EZTV. iiNet, as well as Google and other interested parties, have all said that the cure to piracy goes beyond just punitive measures: it’s all about making content available at the same time everywhere for the same price and removing the geoblocks from platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Dalby said that if Netflix was to come to Australia to level the playing field on content availability and pricing, iiNet would happily partner with it for uncapped streaming, but reiterated that the Australian market is so small that Netflix would barely consider it. “We’d be happy to have that conversation.

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