Motorola Moto E: Australian Review

By Campbell Simpson

The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 front screen is an excellent inclusion — it’s hardy and can withstand all the necessary scratching and smashing attempts your everyday life will put it through — but the rear cover is quite thin and flimsy and doesn’t fit perfectly on the Moto E’s rear chassis.

Motorola’s new Moto E has been a long time coming — it’s a super-cheap smartphone from a historied and respected manufacturer that isn’t terrible and doesn’t try to offer the world.

For its price point, and for its feature-set, it’s not bad, but the point remains that by the end of a working day receiving emails and text messages and the occasional phone call or tweet, the Moto E is running low on charge.

The phone’s interface is mostly stock Android, and the few additions that Motorola makes — add-ons like Motorola Assist and Moto Care and Moto Migrate are all basic and unobtrusive and not mandatory.

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