To improve Australia's global innovation ranking we must edit more Wikipedia articles

By Harrison Polites

As for defining this buzzword, Green offers a rather simple explanation: “ideas that can be converted into value”.  He says that while the boost in our ranking is good news, Australia still struggles on the second half of that definition as we are failing to capitalise on our research. Got a question?

The dean of UTS Business School Roy Green commended the study for its scope and its ability to measure both innovative input (R&D) as well as output (the application of that R&D in business) across a vast number of countries.

The report mentions its authors are investigating even more obscure ways of measuring innovation, such as looking at the total number of blog posts published by a country or measuring a population's online gaming presence.

Along with Robert Gottliebsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz, Alan also founded Business Spectator, the popular business news and commentary website.

Alan has been a trusted source of investment advice to Australians for many years, and in 2005 he founded Eureka Report - Australia’s #1 online investment report.

He says that the individual categories appear unusual in isolation, but when considered in the context of the entire study, they work well to paint a picture of a country’s 'innovation ecosystem'.

Read more here: Business Spectator


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