Alphatise promises a good deal for shoppers and retailers

By Supratim Adhikari

Ben Nowlan, one of four co-founders of Alphatise, says that at its heart the platform is about creating a channel that not only empowers customers, but also provides retailers a far clearer picture of demand. “For sellers, the sell to demand dynamic is a powerful incentive,” Nowlan told Business Spectator. “While there are a million ways for a retailer to market their product, we wanted to create a platform that cuts away a lot of the noise, especially for smaller retailers.

Alphatise’s core product is the online platform, but Nowlan says that returns policy is a key inhibitor and its a problem that he and his team are paying careful attention to. “Right now we are creating a marketplace but we are going to have a very strict framework around returns, we only allow retailers who have a good structure around returns policy and shipping,” he says.

Social media is an important aspect of Alphatise’s overall pitch, with a particular emphasis on tapping into brand advocacy.   Empowered customers play a role in marketing a particular product or a particular vendor and Nowlan says that discounts aren’t what win customers over. “People aren’t always looking for discounts, they really want a seamless experience.

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