Budget must be passed: Abbott


Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek said the government had an inconsistent message on the so-called budget emergency. "They can't even keep their story straight for a day," she told reporters in Brisbane. "You've got the prime minister out there saying, 'No emergency, nothing to see here'. "Six months ago he was saying there was a fire and they needed to bring in the fire engines. "Now apparently there's no emergency and nothing to see here, but at the same time they've got Mathias Cormann, the substitute Joe Hockey, out there saying that there still is a budget emergency.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann warned on Saturday that Australia was still facing a budget emergency. "We are facing a very challenging fiscal situation but the government is dealing with it … through the normal processes of the parliament," he told Sky News.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary Michelle Rowland questioned why, if there really was a budget emergency, the government had doubled the debt since coming to office. "Why is it the case that they are intent on pursuing a rolled gold paid parental leave scheme which even their own side considers is unaffordable," she told Sky.

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