Canberra help needed for gas link

At a cost estimated at $1. 2-1. 3 billion, a pipeline linking Alice Springs to Moomba, the main gas processing centre in central Australia, would take an estimated 18 months to build, while it would take at least another 18 months to receive all of the required permits. "We may need the federal government to make this a ‘project of national significance’ to help speed up the approvals process," Northern Territory chief minister Adam Giles said. "With the pipeline, the financial modelling needs to stack up, therefore it may need some assistance in underwriting the risk of the project.

But South Australia said it was up to NSW to solve its own gas supply problems. "The fastest, most sensible way to address the east coast gas crisis is to develop the vast gas resources on the east coast," South Australia‘s Treasurer and Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said. "NSW should be encouraging investment and exploration of its own gas reserves, not stifling it through policies based on emotion rather than science. "South Australian oil and gas companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in NSW exploring for gas only to find an unwelcome regulatory framework.

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