FIFO workers concerned about rail link timings to airport: survey

By Jessica Strutt

The research also raised concerns about the airport rail link’s ability to even deliver FIFO workers to the airport in time for early flights, with services not starting until 5am (AWST).

In December the State Government shelved its MAX light rail project in favour of the airport link and one of the arguments it used to justify the decision was the benefits the airport rail would offer FIFO workers.

The airport rail link would run off the existing Perth to Midland train line near Bayswater station, tunnelling all the way to Forrestfield with stations west of the airport and at the planned consolidated terminal, which will include domestic and international terminals.

Photo: FIFO workers questioned whether the rail link would get them to the airport in time for early morning flights.

“This survey shows that it’s going to be very hard to get people to use an airport line, unless you do changes like ensuring there’s secure parking at the railway stations, for FIFO workers they simply won’t use the railway line”.

Taxpayer-funded research has revealed FIFO workers’ concerns about whether it will actually get them to Perth’s airport in time for their early morning flights.

Claims that the planned underground airport rail link from Bayswater to Forrestfield will be a boon for fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers have been called into question.

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