France pushes for urgent EU meeting on Iraq

France pushes for urgent EU meeting on Iraq

By Dow Jones newswires

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Tuesday asked his colleagues in the European Union to return from vacation to discuss providing military assistance to Kurds fighting Islamic extremists in Iraq. "I already asked [EU foreign affairs head Catherine Ashton ] Mrs.

Separately, about the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Mr Fabius said the convoy of Russian trucks to Ukraine carrying humanitarian aid shouldn't be allowed unless sanctioned by the Red Cross and the Ukraine government. "This could be an concealed attempt by the Russians to settle in the Luhansk and Donetsk area and carry out the policy of 'fait accompli'," he said.

Mr Fabius wants EU foreign ministers to discuss deliveries of weapons to Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who have been struggling to hold back an offensive by the so-called Islamic State, a radical Sunni group who have captured large swaths of Iraqi territory.

Ashton to summon a council of foreign affairs, which includes all my colleagues, " so we can take a decision, Mr Fabius said on Tuesday on radio station France Info. "I now repeat the request as an urgent matter.

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