Labor sees red over NBN cost-benefit analysis

By Supratim Adhikari

The cost-benefit analysis report of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has left Labor fuming, with opposition communications spokesman Jason Clare labelling the report as nothing more than another exercise in partisan political posturing.

He added that the outcome of the CBA was never in doubt, given that it delivered by “hand-picked former staff and some of the most vociferous critics of the NBN. “This is not the independent cost benefit analysis by Infrastructure Australia that Malcolm Turnbull promised.

However the difference in benefits is significant,” Mr Clare said . “Last year's budget showed that Labor would allocate $30. 4 billion in government equity to build the NBN.

Labelling the analysis as far from independent, Mr Clare said that the $2 million CBA, commissioned by communications minister Malcolm Turnbull, was written by his former staffers and advisors.

Mr Clare has also pointed out that not only is the analysis biased it is also flawed. “The cost to taxpayers of Labor's NBN and the Coalition's second rate NBN is very similar.

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