My week with the FitBit Flex - a desk jockey's hands on review

By Adam Turner

Enter the FitBit Flex – a $129 Bluetooth-enabled wristband designed to track your daily steps, exercise and sleep routine as well as manage your weight and diet.

Of course there's nothing that says you must use these diet and weight features, but the fewer FitBit features you use the harder it becomes to justify the hassle and expense compared to other health and fitness options – for example putting the money towards running shoes, a treadmill or a new bike.

If you're serious about tracking your diet and weight then you might find the FitBit is a bit of a lightweight.

If you find time to go for a serious walk then you can open the FitBit app and tell it you're exercising, or else manually log a stationary session such as time on a treadmill.

Once you get beyond counting steps into a serious exercise routine, sleep monitoring and diet management you'll find that there are better standalone apps to cater for these needs.

Having already embraced the Sleep Cycle app on my iPhone, I could never switch to the FitBit Flex to track my sleep or wake me in the morning.

Once again there isn't the same level of advanced functionality as RunKeeper, such as establishing a training routine and analysing your results over time – the kinds of features that might help some people stick with their exercise efforts.

It's all about mind games – the FitBit might be the incentive you need to get started or stick with it, but there are plenty of low-tech ways to get in shape if you have the desire and willpower.

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