No compensation for taxi-plate holders if industry deregulated

No compensation for taxi-plate holders if industry deregulated

By Stephanie Dalzell

“I don’t really see compensation, I think taxi plates have allowed people to make money out of the industry, it’s reasonable to phase them out”.

“There are hard working taxi drivers who have mortgaged their homes to be able to have an investment in the industry, have a stake in the industry, and have a vested interest in delivering good service.

The State Government has been reviewing what it considered were major issues in the industry, including the quality of customer services and the protection of drivers.

There are no plans to compensate taxi plate-holders if the industry is deregulated in Western Australia, Transport Minister Dean Nalder has said.

“There is no doubt the taxi industry in WA needs to be reformed, but to be talking about deregulation without compensation for plate-owners is incredibly irresponsible,” he said.

“To deregulate it, without paying back the people the price they paid for their plates, would be an absolute outrage in the first instance, but, I believe, leave the state open for arguments in the courts for compensation”.

In response to the motion, Mr Nalder said deregulation of the taxi industry was “inevitable”.

Photo: Taxi plate-holders would not be compensated if the industry was deregulated.

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2 Responses

  1. Lodi says:

    Why the push to deregulate AND ruin livelihoods - what do the stats in WA show?
    WA Taxi industry are meeting their targets for jobs being covered and arriving on time - Dept of transport statistics show that over the past 12 months on average greater than 99% of taxi jobs have been covered during off peak times, and over the last 3 months 99% of taxi jobs have been covered during peak times (sat and sun 5pm-6am). 93% of taxi jobs arrive on time - targets met (July 2014). And as for Uber what does the new tells us: Banned in Belin, parents sue Uber for 6 year old girls death, and check out this link: Glorified hitchhiking alright!!!

  2. Lodi says:

    Link below on glorified hitchiking the other link is on Parents sue Uber for 6 year old death

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