Profit reports show dividends still rule

Suncorp is also paying big dividends because it knows that its shareholders want them, however. It posted a 48. 7 per cent higher $730 million bottom-line profit after booking a $496 writedown of intangibles in its life business that Snowball says ends his reconstruction job.

Rio Tinto for example last week lifted earnings by 21 per cent, boosted its June half-year dividend by 15 per cent, and said it was positioning for ‘‘materially increased cash returns to shareholders’’.

Share registry group Computershare’s revenue was flat in the year to June 30, but its earnings rose by 9. 9 per cent.

On Wednesday as the profit season shifted from a canter to a gallop CBA boosted its final dividend by 9 per cent to take payout for the year 10 per cent higher.

If you have trouble accessing our login form below, you can go to our login page. COMMENT: CBA‘s $8. 68 billion profit should be great news for shareholders, but, politically, it’s a figure that will make waves, says business columnist Malcolm Maiden.

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