Celebrities, nudity and how 4chan drives the internet

By Gordon Fletcher

While it is impossible to condone the “dark” activities generated through 4chan, without even knowing it we will all need 4chan for as long it provides us with the shareable content that allows us to be social online.

The release of hundreds of images claiming to show a pantheon of celebrities in various compromising, or at least awkward, positions has brought the many other social media channels alive with the sniff of salacious gossip.

For the vast majority there is no need to do anything – 4chan will come to them through shared images and links on other more familiar sites.

So many of the ideas that first emerged on 4chan have become part of what we all expect and “do” online.

There are no advertisers to please or risk offending and the site avoids the greater levels of identity-checking that we all have come to expect from using more conventional social media sites.

Many other more commercialised social media sites rely on this impetus of creativity, originality and controversy that their own ecosystems cannot provide and do not encourage.

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