Coles to cut 600 jobs at Melbourne HQ: reports

Ingrid Stitt, from the Australian Services Union (ASU), has demanded information from the company saying the workers have been left in limbo without an official announcement.

“It’s a significant number of jobs that will be lost and worryingly, if the media reports are accurate, it looks like some of these jobs might be off-shored,” she said.

ACTU president Ged Kearney called it “devastating news” and said once again jobs are disappearing under a coalition governments at federal and state levels.

“We obviously want to know what steps are going to be taken to try to find alternative employment for people and what training opportunities might exist for some of the workers that have been impacted”.

Supermarket giant Coles is reportedly cutting 600 jobs at the company’s Melbourne headquarters to lower prices for customers.

“We’re not really seeing a plan to address that in terms of attracting the jobs of the future to Victoria.

“We’ve had a series of really bad announcements, not just in manufacturing and blue collar jobs in Victoria lately but many white-collar professional-services jobs,” she said.

Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said the state needed a jobs’ plan.

According to media reports, the cuts will be made across departments including payments, accounts and IT, as part of a bid to free up funds to help reduce food and liquor prices.

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