How an ageing population will stunt our growth

By Callam Pickering

The Australian population rose by 1. 7 per cent over the year to the March quarter – reflecting strong growth on the east coast – and will continue to underpin real GDP growth for the foreseeable future.

Population growth remains weak in both South Australia and Tasmania, with both states struggling to attract immigration and capital investment.

Population growth in South Australia and Tasmania have been remarkably soft given Australia’s high immigration intake.

The Australian economy continues to be underpinned by strong population growth but it has been concentrated on the east coast and in WA.

The Australian economy continues to be underpinned by strong population growth, but the data also highlights the increasing divergence between the Australian states.

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  1. William says:

    This is simplistic. Ageing has been occurring for 100+ years in Australia and workforce participation has continued to rise with life expectance. Societies adjust, as long as there is education and training, productive and diverse industries, elimination of workforce discrimination, and abundant natural capital to underpin the economy.

    We can continue to age AND increase economic prosperity, if we get (find) competent economic managers.

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