Opinion: Let’s Make A Deal About Those Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos, Ok?

By Luke Hopewell

If you’ve ever objected to your privacy being violated by tough policies like metadata collection or mass surveillance or Facebook toying with user emotions in news feeds or whatever, you probably shouldn’t look at these photos for risk of being a massive hypocrite.

If you read this and then go and look at leaked celebrity nude photos, you have to promise the internet that you’ll never complain about policies like data retention, NSA mass surveillance or any of that sort of shit ever again.

For those who are out of the loop, nude photos of the aforementioned celebrities were leaked on 4chan overnight, with the alleged leaker reportedly in possession of loads more images of other female celebrities.

You may have already heard today that a 4chan hacker allegedly leaked nude photos of attractive female celebrities on the internet.

Even in 2014 where the culture of invasive paparazzi and rumour-mongering about celebrities runs rampant: everyone should feel like they can do things in the privacy of their own bedrooms and not fear them being splashed across the internet.

You can accuse me in the comments of being too sensitive or a closet feminist or whatever the internet is calling people who stand up for the right to privacy these days, but this should go beyond simple name calling.

Read more here: Gizmodo


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