Spray restrictions to hurt Barossa broadacre farmers

Spray restrictions put in place in South Australia on the weekend have come too soon for broadacre farmers, according to Barossa farmer Peter Grocke.

Mr Berry said broadacre farmers and horticulturists needed to work together to reduce the impacts of spray drift on each other’s land.

The restrictions prevent farmers from spraying certain herbicides to stop potentially damaging chemicals from drifting onto sensitive crops, such as those established for viticulture and horticulture.

Planning services senior manager Lewis Monteduro said spraying regulations were set at a state level but he was aware there had been “issues” in neighbouring council areas.

Photo: A wet winter has left some broadacre farmers still needing to spray despite new restrictions.

Mr Grocke said the past decade had seen an increasing number of vineyards established on neighbouring properties to broadacre farmers.

Wine Grape Council of SA chairman Simon Berry said spraying restrictions were in place to protect grapevines, which had started to flower in most of the state’s wine regions.

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