Aboriginal communities vie for stake in fish farm project

He believes a twenty-fold increase in current fish production at Cone Bay will require a huge investment in the supply chain with hundreds of additional jobs in transport, feed manufacture and storage, ice and machinery works, breeding and maritime services.

Now, the Bardi Jawi, Myala and Dambimangari Aboriginal communities have formed a joint venture with John Hutton, a former director of MPA, whose family has owned a pearl farm in Cone Bay for more than 30 years.

Three Aboriginal communities in the far north of Western Australia are hoping to become major players in a new aquaculture industry, but may face competition from foreign investors.

Mr Hutton said the Arli Mayi partners were willing to work with MPA to attract investment and develop the infrastructure needed to support the new zone.

Last month Mr Baston was in China where he had talks with the Zhejiang Marine and Fisheries Bureau, which produces about 1. 8 million tonnes of farmed fish a year worth $2 billion.

“Our involvement with the traditional owners of the area has been very close knit and as kids we used to work on the pearl farm with kids who are the mums and dads right now,” said Mr Hutton.

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