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What Tony’s not telling us

IT was the speech that was supposed to turn it all around for Tony, but three days later his position is more precarious than ever. Read more here: Telegraph     

Monopoly sets filled with real money

IT‘S a dream for most people who’ve played the classic game. Now, Monopoly’s makers have said they will replace the fake notes with real money for a lucky few. Read more here: Telegraph     

‘The biggest risk to the global economy’

IT‘S been billed as the ‘biggest risk to the global economy’, and major leaders are powerless to do anything about it. Check out why they’re so worried. Read more here: Telegraph     

Kinetic IT beats IBM, Fujistu to Vic Police deal

By Supratim Adhikari Kinetic IT will engage Hewlett Packard Australia and Nextgen Group to deliver services as subcontractors under the agreement.  Hewlett Packard support Victoria Police’s applications environment and mainframe requirements. The initial contract,...

Victoria Police signs massive IT outsourcing deal

Victoria Police signs massive IT outsourcing deal - Strategy - News - iTnews. com. Read more here: IT News     

Coalition's data retention scheme on shaky ground

By AAP There are also concerns telcos may not need to keep customer information for a mandated two years, as required under the federal government’s proposed data retention laws. Michael Burgess, Telstra’s chief information...

The 30:70 Rule for Australian CIOs

By Shane Lyell Organisations need to support, inspire, recognise and reward technology superstars who help find new revenue streams, truly leverage the benefits of the cloud or integrate processes and platforms to enable the...

Macca’s CEO quits amid sales slump

IT‘S been a tough year and things just got worse for McDonald’s — the CEO has stood down as the chain fights to hold onto customers and transform its junk-food image. Read more here:...

Telstra warns of metadata honeypot

By AAP Telstra’s director of government relations, James Shaw, says the requirement for telcos to create centralised systems to extract, index and safely store this data and allow access to approved agencies would impose...

Is this the end of the Page 3 girl?

IT‘S a tradition of the most titillating kind. For 45 years, UK tabloid The Sun has featured topless models on Page 3. But are the sexy spreads now a thing of the past? Read...